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How We Are Different

Life is fluid and ever-changing, so your financial plan must also be agile and adaptable. One thing we all know is that change is inevitable – your needs, priorities, and goals change throughout your life. Your financial plan needs to change right along with you. That is why Inspire Wealth Advisory uses a dynamic approach to help manage the concerns of a select group of families, business owners, and medical professionals. We consider our clients part of our family and often build life-long professional relationships based on a foundation of trust. We take this responsibility to heart, meaning we go beyond wealth management to wealth enhancement. We help individuals and families plan, preserve, manage, and grow their wealth. Through our comprehensive approach, we aim to help our clients achieve the futures of their dreams.

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Our Team


Steve Livingway


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Faithlyn Lefker



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Nick Bour


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Helpful Resources

Don't Let Your Investments Take You for a Ride

Many growth-oriented investors maintain the belief that weathering the ups and downs of the equity market is the most important aspect of investing, neglecting attention to a healthy asset allocation based their time horizon and current investment objectives. This whitepaper explores why so many investors have shifted to an equity-concentrated portfolio and the short sights of such an approach.

Market Volatility in the

New Age

Retirement shouldn’t be a time of anxiety or worry, it should be a time when you feel financially secure and can enjoy the money you’ve worked hard to earn for decades. There are ways to protect against market volatility other than delaying your retirement or keeping all of your money in cash stashed in your mattress. Knowing what to do can be complicated, but for now, let’s start with some practical advice on what not to do.

Investment Portfolios:

Facing Volatile Markets

Though we can’t predict the future, expecting the next few years to be volatile is a smart bet. Whether you are in retirement or close to it, or many years away, this simple flowchart will guide you through the questions you need to ask to help determine whether you’re on the right track for volatility or dangerously off course with your investments.

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Our Key Relationships

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